May 26, 2016

BEA 2016 Recap: Day Three

Friday night I had the hard decision of deciding whether or not I wanted to go to Bookcon the next day or go sightseeing in Chicago. My whole body hurt from the past two days of BEA and I had already seen a lot of the authors that were at Bookcon during BEA. The only real reason I had left to go to Bookcon were the people in my Bookcon chat that I had been talking with for the past month, we had a lot of plans to meet up and spend Bookcon together. As much as I wanted to go hang out with all those awesome bookish people I was too exhausted and just decided not to go.

I woke up around 10 and went to breakfast with a friend and then we decided to go sightseeing since he wanted to show me what Chicago was like. My first request was (obviously) THE BEAN because I had heard so much about it and it sounded (and looked) really really cool.

We walked around the park that The Bean was in and took pictures along the way.

Afterwards he took me to John Hancock Tower (I think that's what it was called) to go to the top and see the view but I wasn't old enough (what??) so we couldn't go to that. So instead of doing that we decided to go university visiting (since I'm a senior next year and I'll be applying to schools). We didn't have much time so we decided to go for Northwestern University first and then the others if we could.

I loved Northwestern's campus and I'm actually thinking about applying to it next year! But it is a pretty selective school and I have a fairly long college list so who knows what the future will hold! On the way to the airport we picked up some Starbucks and then it was time to say goodbye to Chicago! I bid my farewell to all my friends who helped me out in Chicago and then they dropped me off at O'Hare. The first thing I noticed when I entered was the crazy long line and I thought that I would miss my flight for sure but I didn't because thankfully the employees let me go to the front of the line. I grabbed some more coffee, waited to board my flight, and then I was off to  NJ!

Overall, BEA 2016 was an amazing time that I'm super grateful to have had. I met so many authors, book bloggers, publicists, and met up with friends I hadn't seen in a while that I had met at BEA 2015. As awesome as BEA 2015 was I actually enjoyed BEA 2016 more (even though it was so much further away). BEA 2016 may have ended  but I'm constantly keeping in touch with the friends I made there and I'm already planning my trip to BEA 2017!

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