About Me

I am a senior in high school that LOVES to read, especially YA and sci-fi genre books. I started this blog about three years ago and regularly post reviews of books I have enjoyed and received to review. I have had a passion for reading ever since I was in kindergarten and have only strengthened it ever since. I love talking to the book community and discussing various books with them.

Building on my experiences from this book blog and its community I decided to strengthen my passion for all things reading and created a club at my high school in 2015. C3 (Creating Creative Children) is a club that I founded with the goal of getting young children to see reading as a fun activity and not a chore. We focus on poorer elementary schools and orphanages. C3 organizes fundraisers and collects book donations with the end goal of visiting these schools/orphanages and creating memorable experiences with the children like author visits and bringing them to BT (my school) to read with them there. As of April 2016 we've already collected over 1000 books (!!) and raised several hundred dollars with the intention of visiting a poor school district near us this year.

I'm also a HUGE Hamilton fan (I've made many a friend annoyed with my constant singing of its songs) and once waited in the cancellation line for eight hours to get a ticket for that days show (100% worth it)!

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