May 31, 2015

BEA 2015 Recap: Day One

This year I FINALLY made it to BEA (Book Expo America) or as I like to call it, a bookworm heaven on earth. I got to stay in NYC for 4 days (the apartment was like 5 blocks from Javits so that was super convenient) and go to all three days of BEA! I took more pictures than I can sanely post together so without further ado here's a recap of what happened on day one:

Day one of BEA 2015 started off with me meeting up with Xander from Forever Bookish and his mom and then after checking in bags/getting our passes going to the BEA Bloggers Conference. Xander introduced me to the co-bloggers of We Live and Breath Books and after we all had breakfast the panels started.

In all honesty I found the panels to be kind of boring so during the lunch session I left the Blogger Conference and joined the line to get into the floor once it opened at 1 PM. As soon as it opened I ran inside to grab a Truthwitch signing ticket (I got the 80th/100 ticket!) and then proceeded to calm down and walk through the floor and explore.

In all my excitement and rushing I forgot to take that many pictures but the floor was definitely HUGE and filled to the brim with all of sorts of awesome things. The big publishers were close to each other for the most part so it was easier to go through those first and then explore. I made it to multiple signing on the first day, both at the autographing area and in-booth ones.

All in all the first day of BEA 2015 was a blast: got a ton of books, met authors, publicists, and other bloggers. I also immediately regretted bringing a small suitcase once it filled up in 30 minutes and I had to carry the rest of the books in my backpack and totes.

Leaving BEA for the first time I just had to grab this quick picture of the Javits center.

The book haul for day one of BEA 2015 was pretty good with all of the books featured above plus book swag and tote bags. Top book of day one was Truthwitch by Susan Dennard although I got a bunch of other awesome ones. And with that, the recap for BEA 2015 day one is over.

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