January 15, 2017

December Wrap-Up!


December was both a tiring and relieving month for me, not only did most of my early action schools announce decisions in December but I also had to finish and submit my regular decision applications by the end of the month. This caused me to spend most of my time on schoolwork and as a result I wasn't able to read that much. However, January should be a much easier month for me and I'll definitely have time to finish a few books!

Books Read:


Things I did in December:

1. Got decisions from most of my EA schools (both happy and sad news).

2. Went to the city with a close friend and ended up finding and eating at a random small Turkish restaurant we saw while there.

3. Spent most of my time working on college applications and writing (what felt like) a million essays.

Things Planned in January:

1. READING! After reading basically nothing in December I really really want to get back into it and finish a few books I've had my eyes on.

2. Reorganize bookshelves/room, I have more books than space so I've resorted to stuffing them all over my room. I'm planning on getting rid of stuff in my room to make space to reorganize my books and make it look better.

3. Buy more books! I haven't bought any in months but I recently got a new job and finally have money to do so.

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