July 3, 2016

SBPT Tour 2016 Week #1: Blogger Interview with Tina the Bookworm

Today marks the first day of the 2016 Summer Blogger Promo Tour and I'm starting off with Tina from Tina The Bookworm! We decided to go with an interview for her post since learning about bloggers is always fun and interesting. Every Sunday a new blogger will be featured so make sure to check in and see all the fun posts we have planned!

Hey there! I'm Tina
I am a twenty something stay at home mommy of three.
Proud Ravenclaw and Bullet Journalist.
New Adult, Indie and Romance Junkie.
I'm a recovering sodaholic, and by recovering I mean I'm not even trying.
I blog about books, movies, TV shows, and my bullet journa

Fun Fact: My son actually took my bio picture :) 

1. I haven't noticed many bloggers who also have kids and are mothers, what's it like compared to blogging alone?
The time! I sometimes have to take a break from blogging because my little ones want to sit on my computer or they start typing random things into posts. I also don't have the time to make my blog stand out design wise because it would just take too much time and effort. But I do have to say it is fun to have kids and have a blog. When we go to the library my son will pick out books he want to review for Tiny Bookworm Thursday where I feature one of the kids books we've been reading lately. 

2. How do you manage your blogging time while also taking care of kids and doing other things?
I am a planner. I plan posts out about a month in advance or a general idea of what I would like to post about for that month. I tend to set aside two -three days at the end of the month to really get everything written and scheduled. The same goes with my kids we have a routine that we tend to follow. If I'm cleaning or doing other household chores, I'm listening to an audiobook. I do try and set aside at least two hours of reading time so that I can have a little "me" time. 

3. Your website states you read indie and NA, have you tried YA/would you?
I am a huge YA lover. I'm actually on a YA kick at the moment. I go through phases, sometimes I'm completely in love with NA and I can't get into any YA and then sometimes it's the opposite. Sarah Dessen is my go to YA queen. 

4. How has your experience with blogging been?
I was actually a mommy blogger for about 4 years and I was never motivated to post anything because some mommy bloggers are so creative. It wasn't until 2014 when I was on bed rest with my third child that I discovered book blogging and I just have this passion for. I love blogging, I love interacting with new people. I love having discussions with everyone. I absolutely love book blogging. 

5. What's your favorite memory to date about blogging?
My favorite memory has been being able to meet some amazing indie authors through the blog. I have beta read for two of them and have had my name/instagram mentioned in the acknowledgments. It made me feel amazing to see that I can make a small difference with my blog. 

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