June 20, 2016

My Lady Jane Event Recap

Last Tuesday Books of Wonder had a book event for My Lady Jane and seeing as how it had been nearly one year since I last visited Books of Wonder (I went to the Queen of Shadows launch in September) I decided to attend this event. Since I had a half day at school I decided to leave for the city a bit early and stopped by Times Square before the event (even though I've been there too many times to count).

After spending some time there I headed to Books of Wonder and arrived with about half an hour to spare (I got the 16th ticket). After perusing the signed book selection I bought Their Fractured Light along with a copy of My Lady Jane and The Mirror King to get signed at the event.

When the event started the Lady Janies (the group name for the three authors of My Lady Jane) talked about books, unicorns, knitting, and more. They showed us a powerpoint of various things, enacted a scene from their book and answered questions.

After questions were answered we got into line for the signing and met the authors and got our books signed.

After the signing I headed to Central Park to grab some Halal Guys and break my fast in the park with a view.

Finally, after breaking my fast at Central Park I went back to Port Authority and took a bus back to NJ.