December 21, 2015

Hermione Granger: Does Color Matter?

Cosmopolitan recently released an article that talks about the color of Hermione Granger and its relevance today, even after all the movies are finished and the books written. Most people (myself included) automatically assumed that she would be white but with a black actor being chosen to play Hermione in an upcoming play in the U.K. different opinions have been bantered about.

Despite all these arguments about Hermione Granger and her skin color being argued right now on the Internet, one question remains: "Does her skin color really matter?" In our present-day society does it really matter if an actor or character is black or white? Of course it matters but I'm talking about the issue of your opinion and outlook of the character being altered. Personally, I feel that it shouldn't matter and you can imagine that character any color you want (as long as it wasn't specified anywhere). Sure, the person may look different but their personality, character, interactions with others all remains the same. If you judge that person by their skin color it's kind of like going against a famous quote in the book community, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

But what do you think? Should Hermione's skin color or really any characters skin color matter?

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  1. I know that it is kind of controversial to say this around avid readers but I really don't care how character's are depicted (whether it is mentioned in the book or not). As long as a detail such as eye color or skin color is not a defining feature of the character, I just don't care. But I understand how many avid readers are extremely picky and about how characters are depicted (when it comes to features that were mentioned in the book) and I get it-- that is how you pictured the character and that is how the author pictured the character but I feel like as long as interpretations are true to the spirit of the character, I am open to them!