June 4, 2015

BEA 2015 Recap: Day Three

The last day of BEA 2015, I woke up earlier than the previous two days and was at the Javits Center by around 6:45. Obviously that meant waiting longer in line than before but I also got to start reading an e-ARC and meet a couple of bloggers who were also in line. As soon as the floor opened I ran inside and got into line for Margaret Stohl right away (learning from my Passenger mistake).

As soon as I got my signed copy of Black Widow I rushed over to the Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (that and Black Widow were the main goals of the day) line even though they tweeted that it was capped off. Thankfully, I had my front of the line pass so the volunteers told me to come right when the signing started to get in front of the line. So that meant an extra hour of non-planned time to spend and so I just toured a bunch of booths and looked around until it was time for the Leigh Bardugo signing (most of my photos came out bad including this one so just please ignore it).

A bunch of authors who I had cut off from my schedule actually had short lines so I went to a couple of them including Julie Murphy's Dumplin'. With nothing else planned for a few hours, from there I got into line for the Harlequin YA signing.

Marlon came over while I was waiting and kept me company even though he had went to the signing the previous day. We spent the two hours of wait time by talking about a bunch of stuff including books obviously and meeting the bloggers near us.

Marlon had to see Alexandra Bracken again before BEA ended so we proceeded to go to her book signing next.

Followed by..... you guessed it, more signings including Soundless by Richelle Mead.

By 4 we were pretty much out of things to do and pretty tired on top of it so we left the floor and went next to Starbucks and stayed there for like two hours. Tzivi, her mom, Xander and his mom, plus a couple of other people joined us and we organized + talked for around an hour.

Before I left BEA I obviously had to grab photos with Xander and Marlon, both of whom were pretty awesome and great to hang out with during BEA.

That's all for the last day of BEA 2015 and hopefully I'll be at BEA 2016 at Chicago. Overall I had an amazing time and got more books than I though possible and met a ton of authors, bloggers, and publicists. Definitely worth missing three days of school and falling behind on everything.


  1. I was so excited to see so many authors I'd thought I'd have to skip on Friday, including Julie Murphy as well!! Wow, Harlequin Teen had a two hour wait even the second day!? That's crazy!! I assumed it would be much lighter!! Glad you had a great time!!